Happy Saturday Beach Music Friends!


It is a beautiful Saturday morning here in the upper coastal region of South Carolina. The temperature out there is currently 61 degrees, but supposed to get up to 80 at some point. No Rain Today is making it very pleasant ( according to the weather site I just saw)

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday. There are several festivals in the area this weekend. I should have gone with Coastline last night, I saw a status update from Hope and it sounds like the pig pickin festival would have been YUMMY!

Well.. we are approaching the end of October and getting closer to the Carolina Beach Music Awards Weekend – Are you coming to NMB for the big event? Most of my favorites are playing in Ocean Drive for the CBMA. Hey!!!! who do you think will win? CBMA members should be putting their ballot in the mail by Wednesday the 22nd. Have you entered the BuyBeachMusic.com Pick the winners contest yet? click below and submit your winning entry. Lots of great prizes – CD and Events Tickets. Plus it is FUN to be right!


Beach Music Event Tickets

If you want to ride the bus to the fish shtick next Sunday.. please sign up today for the Big Fish Shtick Bus Trip

If you want to go to The Turkey Ball with Band of Oz and Joey Warren on November 26th.. purchase your tickets at the website for The Turkey Ball

If you want to go to the Wall to Wall Ball in Raleigh at TJ’s Night Life on December 11th featuring Jim Quick & Coastline, Band of Oz, The Entertainers and Big John Thompson.. purchase your tickets at the website for Wall to Wall Ball

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