New Cds and Events

Hello Beach Music Friends! I hope you are having a great week. October is nearly halfway gone. I can’t believe the year is moving so fast. I wanted to get this out real “quick” before I joined Jim Quick at the Shag City Studio to bring you another edition of The Crossover with Jim Quick. … Read more

Some Event News for You.. FREE BEER!


Big Events You Should Plan to Attend

  • JR SOS is in NMB This Week – Band of Oz is at the Galleon NMB Wednesday Night the 16th of July
  • Sunday the 20th of July – Band of Oz – The Fantastic Shakers and Legacy is at TJ’s Night Life
  • Coastline is at the Home of the Fat Man Thursday Night Fat Harold’s – Thursday night the 24th of July

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Do you Play GOLF?

Join us August 30th for the 3rd Annual Coastline Classic in Little River, SC – There are LOTS of prizes, Boom Boom’s BBQ and LOTS of golfin’ fun. Click HERE to sign up your Team

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Not the Beach Boys

what is beach music

What is Beach Music?

Have you tried to answer this question to people not From around here. “What is Beach Music?”

First I will say.. I am a FAN of the Beach Boys. I have listened to their music all my life and seen them in concert on several occasions. I like to see them when they come to the beach.. BUT in the words of General Norman Johnson…. “it ain’t beach music”. Sure a few songs of theirs have hit the Beach Music Radio stations and maybe even a few of them have charted. Typically, when a true beach music fan thinks of beach music they don’t think of the Beach Boys.. unless they are trying to define what Carolina Beach Music is not… I used to love it when General Norman Johnson started his “California Girls” joke prior to singing that song that is probably one of the most famous songs for our industry, “Carolina Girls”.

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Happy Beach Music Day

Is there going to be a Beach Music Day in NC or SC this year? To me, every day is a Happy Beach Music Day.. in years past I have seen information about cities as well as North Carolina and South Carolina celebrating a day proclaimed as Beach Music Day. I can’t find anything official about anything as far as an annual celebration. If anyone knows anything or has seen a specific date for 2014.. please let me know.

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Top 10 Beach Music Things to Do

beach-music-things-2014I was thinking about what I could write for New Year’s Eve of 2014. 2013 is nearly over.. 2014 will be here tomorrow. Are you a fan of Beach Music? Will you help support beach music in 2014? I put together a list of things to do in 2014.

Information on these pages may change… I quickly put these up to get them out today. I may add or change these pages slightly. I have left a place to comment on each item on the list. You can use facebook or use the comment reply form at the bottom of the page.

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3 Weeks – 3 Cities – 3 Events

Get ready for these 3 exciting weekends ahead of us for beach music fans, friends and artists. Whether you are a fan of the bands, a shagger or just love beach music, you need to make sure you check out these events and plan to attend! I know a lot of you already have tickets, … Read more