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Not too long ago, and article appeared in Myrtle Beach Alternatives written by Dariel Bendin.

The article was written based on an interview with Jim about the history of Coastline and its current members. I had a link directly to the article from one of my previous blog post, but it seems the article is no longer available on the magazine’s website. I contacted Dariel and asked her about posting the intreview she did with Jim Quick and she gave me permission.

So here goes…The interview with Jim Quick from Dariel Bendin with Myrtle Beach Alternatives.

BEACH NEWZ: How long has each of the band members been with you?

QUICK :Of course,I’ve been here since the beginning! LOL…We celebrate 15 years this year…wow, I’ve been doing this almost half of my life. Casey Meyer (Guitar) as been with me almost 6 years. He’s been with me the longest. I love him…he’s not only the most tasteful guitarist I’ve ever known, he keeps me laughing with the strangest sense of humor. Next would be Glen Tippett, a four-year veteran. He basically plays the hell out of everything he lays his hands on. It’s never anything less than incredible talent that emanates off stage when he performs. Add to that the fact that he’s blessed with eternal youth. He looks 16 years old and he’s a year older than me…no fair. Albert Rogers on bass guitar has been with me over a year now and I’m so glad to have him. He’s performed with some of my favorite artists like Levon Helm and Grayson Hugh. Just an all around great guy with the best voice I’ve ever had on my stage. Lee Venters is the newest member of the band as he comes on board March 14th in Charleston, SC at the West Ashley Elks Lodge. This show is open to the public, by the way. I really look forward to Lee playing with the band…he’s been one of my favorite drummers for a long time. I can’t believe he’s finally gonna be in my band. Way cool.BEACH NEWZ: Where did your band members grow up?

QUICK: Casey grew up in Atlanta, GA. Glen in Durham, NC. Albert in Southport, NC. Lee Venters in Miami, FL. I grew up in Laurinburg, NC. We all basically reside in the Wilmington, NC area now.

BEACH NEWZ: Where did Casey learn to play the guitar like that?

QUICK: I think Casey is amazing. Like some kinda virtuoso. Or perhaps just a freak of nature. He was born in 1981 and has been playing guitar for less than 10 years and he plays like a master that’s been touring all of his life. I think he plays so well because he plays like a part of a band and sinks himself deep into every song. That coupled with the fact that he studies and cops guitar greats like Luther Allison, Robert Cray, and a bunch of musical geniuses I’ve never heard of before in my life.

BEACH NEWZ: I’d ask about Albert, but there’s a bit more info about him on your site. If there’s something you think I should know about him, tell me!

QUICK: Albert is a guru. He’s embraced fame numerous times and has had a brush with the limelight himself several times. He was a huge part of the modern day Woodstock scene in New York before coming back home to perform with people like Guy Phillips and Grayson Hugh. There isn’t a better Bass player for this band. He completely understands my music. Vocally, I would love to produce a solo album on him. He’s so cool with stuff like Marvin Gaye, Sam Cook, and Nat King Cole. We shall see.

BEACH NEWZ: What about Glen? What did he do before Coastline? How many instruments does he play?

QUICK: Glen has performed with such groups as Heart 2 Soul, and the Tim Clark Band. With Coastline, he plays keyboards and saxophone. But he plays guitar, bass, any horn and whatever else you can name in modern popular music. I asked him one time what instrument does he NOT know how to play that he would like to learn…he replied, “saxbut”! What the hell?

BEACH NEWZ: Harriett told me Coastline was a true garage band you formed in high school. Can you tell me a bit about that?

QUICK: This year we celebrate 15 years of Coastline, a band that was derived from three high school buddies in Laurinburg, NC. We were truly a garage band. With names like the Powerplay, The Storm, and Larceny…oh to be rockin’ out in the eighties. Vince McDougald and Chis Fore were the brothers growing up in rural Scotland County and they were the masterminds post college that influenced me to join what would eventually become my band as they both left after 10 years on a hard long road. I miss them everyday, but I love the quality of musicians that have surrounded me since as Coastline became a national recording act with Landslide Records based out of Atlanta, GA and working with a phenomenal management company like Greendot Music in Charlotte. We’ve gone from the garage to the House of Blues in less than record time…lol.

BEACH NEWZ: Do you have a favorite track on the new CD?

QUICK: I do, but I’m reluctant to say…What the hell, it’s “Angeline.” I love the emptiness in the song. George Clinton of Parliament Funk once said, “to make a good groove it’s what you don’t play”. That tripled with a retro melodic line and risque lyrics about a middle aged woman from Cuba moving to Alabama and having sex with teenage boys makes it too cool to bear. I loved writing this one. I know it’s not anybody else’s favorite, so I don’t want fans to think I’m on a different page than they are. I just love all styles of Southern Americana music.

BEACH NEWZ: Do you prefer playing larger venues or smaller clubs?
QUICK: It’s the medium size clubs that freak me out. I like to feel like a superstar on festivals or clubs like the Plex in Charleston, SC. But, I love the intimate settings of places like J.B Pivots also in Charleston.

BEACH NEWZ: Do you know where all your storytelling comes from … how you came to be so good at it?

QUICK: My grandfather was a late 20th century Mark Twain. I would sit and listen to him for hours as he told stories of growing up in the low lands of the Carolinas. He ran away from home very early and lied about his age and joined the army only to wind up in Italy during WWII. He later ran juke joints in the woods of northeastern South Carolina. Moonshine and ladies of the night were just part of the scene my “Paw Paw” created for his “Sneakin’ out back” clientele. I think, listening to him and listen to AM radio growing up with syndicated announcers like Paul Harvey. I learned to build interest and end with a bang. Get out and move on when the getting is good. That’s the key. Know when to drag something out and when to let it go. I talk to the people not at them like most entertainers do. I am one of my people. I really don’t have fans…just a room full of friends.

BEACH NEWZ: I imagine Sam Bryant’s spot in the band is difficult to replace. Can you tell me something about what Lee Venters brings? How did you happen to hire him? How will things be the same? How will they be different?

QUICK: Sam was a blessing but has left to pursue other opportunities. In retrospect I think it was time for a change. I’m not one to stay on a certain train for too long. If you were to listen to my albums chronologically, not only would you realize that the musicianship keeps getting better but the music always changes and always matures. I’m really into listening right now. I want to head towards a more simple time in music. You can hear the musical roots of the south really shining through on my more recent efforts. I’ve heard about Lee Venters for years, a renowned drummer here in the Cape Fear Area. I’ve listen to him with soul group the “Four Knights” and with his own jazz-funk, fusion band “SQV”. I believe he will bring a lot of the flash that Sam had but with a little more of a steady groove–maybe, a little less action and a little more pocket. Sam is one of the most talented drummers I’ve ever known, and it was a pleasure having him on the road. He is still one of my best friends in the whole world (Go Heels!); however, it was time for a change, and I think Lee is what Coastline needs right now. Things are gonna be different, but I’m not sure the average listener will be able to tell as much as a fellow musician or professional dancer might.

BEACH NEWZ: Thanks for your time and effort, Jim. COASTLINE, YOU ROCK!

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