The quest to reach 2500 memberships

****UPDATE for 2008***
This post was posted in 2007, We did not quite get to 2500 in 2007 but the CBMA showed a nice increase in memberships. in 2008, we need to get to 2500.

I was talking to Peter Carpenter at the Triangle Beach Music Festival. By now you probably know about the Carolina Beach Music Academy and Award show they have down in Myrtle Beach every year in November. I think like 5000 plus show up for events during that weekend. The party is one of the biggest weekend blast of the year and for many is the highlight for Beach Music Fans to end the year.

Currently the membership roster of the CBMA stands somewhere around 1700. It appears that if an association has over 2500 members, you stand a good chance of getting an award announced at the Grammy’s, the daddy of all music award shows. How cool would it be to see the Beach Music song of the year awarded on stage in front of a national audience?

If you are not a member of the CBMA, you need to be a member. Your support can help the bands, the DJs, and the rest of the industry get the exposure we are looking for nationally.

I have teamed up with the CBMA to provide an easy way to join the academy by offering the ability to pay with paypal. I have sold so many tickets and cds over the last few years, i figured this would be a good way to get more members. Peter agreed and allowed me to sell them through the same channel I sell everything else.

Associate Memberships are only $15 year. Go ahead and join today so that you can vote on all the awards handed out that weekend.

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