6 thoughts on “Jim asks the 2sday Question today.”

  1. Well, they are all soooooooo great!!!!!! Beaufort Music Festival was a blast – though not your typical “beach” music, but it’s kind of at the beach, so I feel it qualifies!!!!!!!! L Shape Lot; Laura Reed; Miquela de Leon (Wow!), Brother’s Egg (fantastic); only to name a few. Jim Quick and the Coastline band – always a great show. MUSIC!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Jim….
    1) The Carolina Beach Mudic Festival at Carolina Beach, NC is the best there is. Going into it’s 33rd year June 2, it offers ocean breezes blowing,
    Fun in the sun, and the best beach music groups performing! It’s all right on the beach!
    2) The World Famous Little River Blue Crab Festival, Little River, SC. Great venue for some great beach music groups! Always fun!

  3. Hey Bo, My favorite beach music festivals are the one I just played and the next one on the schedule! LOL Really, It’s hard to beat Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle. Ocean Drive was great also. I’m looking forward to the one in Charleston this year as well July 7th N. Charleston SC- Low Country Beach Festival One in Danville Va. coming up June 23rd I LOVE THEM ALL! doug

  4. My favorite beach music festivals:
    1. Stuart, Virginia
    2 Shenandoah Beach Music Festival – In July in Staunton, Virginia
    3. Bourbon and beach music in Smithfield, Virginia

  5. Stuart, VA’s Hot Fun in the Summertime has been rolling for 37 years & still going strong. For a time it was the only avenue to see beach bands. Now Roanoke, VA has become the hub for the rest of beach music. Downtown Roanoke’s Party in Elmwood has 21 beach bands concert dates. One every Thursday. I’m not sure anyone can top that for a weekly venue.


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