Remembering General Norman Johnson

Without a doubt, General Norman Johnson and the Chairmen of the Board is probably on the top of the list of all artists that we have claimed in the beach music industry. I have been loving the music this morning as 94.9 The Surf pays tribute to the General on this day. Today would have been his 77th Birthday. He has written so many great songs. Many of the songs he wrote were recorded by the group that entertained us throughout the years. His songs are still played and will continue to play on beach music stations for many years to come.

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What is your favorite song by General Norman Johnson?

12 thoughts on “Remembering General Norman Johnson”

  1. I use to love to watch sing Patches live, you could tell that song meant a lot to him. I had the pleasure of recording him several times live. (with permission of course) The first time was at Bill Griffin’s Boondocks in Greensboro NC. And i also have him from 1 Labor day pick nick and a beach and boogie that i also have on tape

  2. He was my favorite performer and what a show they put on. He wrote so many great songs and had so much talent. i to had the chance to talk with him a couple of times and he was always so nice and came a cross as a little shy. I live in Tampa Fl and never look at the obits. They have one in the local paper for celebs. Something that day told me to look and i read the write up it brought back a lot of great memories. Later on i was doing my walk and it was a clear sky but there was this one cloud with lighting in it. I though the General must be doing his first show in Heaven.

      • I love his music! Favorites are “On The Beach”, “Give Me Just A Little More Time”, and “Carolina Girls”. Got the opportunity to meet him when I was a student at Hampden-Sydney!! What a fine gentlemen!!


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