Jimmy Leite Likes This

If you are using facebook for marketing and promotion like I do for my beach music events, there is something you sit and wait for… hoping your post did not get lost in the facebook dance…. LIKES!. If you have access to the admin area of a page, you can see views as well as likes, trends and shares. The likes and shares are made public and these actions help determine how viral a post can be on the site. Having a lot of fans is nice, but with the way things are… a page’s fans don’t always see everything posted. There is so much to see and it can be hard to see everything. Facebook uses a formula to determine what you see when you see it…. It gets frustrating sometimes, especially when you miss something.

The beach music world is very lucky to have Jimmy Leite, who always does his part to promote the events, links, photos and posts with his facebook seal of approval – he clicks the like button. Some call it facebook stalking. I LOVE IT every time I see that “Jimmy Leite likes this” show up on one of my pages. Thanks Jimmy!

If you don’t know him, you should get to know he and Gail. Tell him “Thanks” when you see him!

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