Only 3 Beach Music Songs


If you were only allowed to ONLY listen to 3 beach music songs tomorrow… What songs would you select for this limited beach music playlist?
Would you pick all time beach music favorites or current songs on the charts? Do you have an artist that has to be in the mix? Leave a reply or comment here on this post with one or all 3 of the songs on your MUST INCLUDE Beach music songs.

16 thoughts on “Only 3 Beach Music Songs”

  1. Victim – Candi Staton
    Thank Goodness She Cheated – Entertainers
    Bless Your Heart – Chairmen of the Board

    very bored with all the old top 100 beach music songs of yesteryear…..much of the newer music (last 10 years) is fantastic…..but much of it also puzzles me as to why it is even considered Beach Music…ugh!

    lastly, I don’t get the “Mama’s drinking liquor again” craze….to me this is NOT beach music!!!

  2. I Love Beach Music by The Embers, Ocean Boulevard by the Band of Oz, Carolina Girls by General Johnson and the Chairmen of the Board


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