Questions for Friday

Do you love beach music? Do you call yourself someone that supports beach music? I was thinking back to a list I created last year and decided to revisit it this morning.. and ask these questions again. Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comments below.

How many of these can you answer “YES”?

  • Will you go to an outdoor beach music festival this year?
  • Will you purchase a Beach Music CD this year?
  • Will you attend SOS Spring Safari 2015 in NMB?
  • Will you tune into an Internet Radio Station that features beach music?
  • Will you join or renew your membership in the CBMA?
  • Will you pay a cover charge to see a beach music artist in a club?
  • Will you pick up a copy of Beach Music Scene Magazine?
  • Will you like Beach Music Online on facebook and share it with a friend?

Beach Music Friends on Facebook

1 thought on “Questions for Friday”

  1. Good morning buddy, proud to say yes for Charlotte and I to all the statements except Facebook, we have not taken that route yet. Other, oh yes! Do what we can to share the word. Thanks.


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