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So it seems I have ruffled some feathers with my Top Beach Music Bands List yesterday. I am sorry if you disagree with the list. I clarified how the list was ranked. It was ONE simple stat…… The bands at the top of the list were the ones that received the most click-thrus from to their website. I could have extended the list on out, but I decided to cut it off at 30. I have been asked about why some bands are not on the page of beach music artist schedules. I have had more bands listed in the past.. For a band to be removed, it usually means that the band’s website has changed or gone down. Every band on that page has at some point in the last 10+ years asked that I link to their band schedule page. If your favorite band is not there, it probably means that no one has ever asked me to add them with a link to their website schedule page. It could mean I lost track of them and their website schedule.

Keep Website Updated

If you don’t keep your website schedule updated, people will not visit it. The most visited page on every band website that I monitor is the schedule page. Fans want to know where you are playing. When they visit and see you don’t have anything listed, they lose interest in visiting your website. If you don’t play a lot.. consider a calendar that list upcoming events as opposed to a full calendar view.

Did you see this list yesterday?

There are a lot of great bands that did not appear on this Top 30 List. Remember… it is a ranking based on website clicks from this website. If you are not on the list or ranked lower than where you think you should be, it could simply mean that your fans do not use to find your band schedule.

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