Raleigh radio needs beach music

As many of you know, the radio station formerly known as Sunny 93.9 changed its format.. And like many of the radio stations before that have done this, they decided to drop their Beach Music show….so for that last few weeks, folks in Raleigh have not been able to tune into Big John on the Beach.

I am getting a lot of emails asking what is going on, what can be done. You can call Sunny 93.9 and let them know you are disappointed. I am not sure what can be done as far as the station is concerned.

You can vent here! I know Big John gets my newsletters, leave your comments on this post.

Let Big John know you miss him and feel free to leave a message to whomever reading this, that a mistake was made. Please no profanity, these comments are moderated and I reserve the right to deny or delete any comments submitted cause its my blog and my website.

Hey Big John! I hope you find a new home on the radio soon!

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