Review – Got it Bad For You

The latest release from The Holiday Band on Ripete solidifies why they have been a fan favorite for several years. This CD shows off the writing talents of Mike Taylor and Duane Neese as well as the vocal talents of their four lead vocalists. If that’s not enough, their interpretation of the covers found here are noteworthy. “Motor Under The Hood”, an upbeat tune, written by and sung by Duane Neese, kicks off this project in high style. I really like this one. It’s the perfect choice to set the stage for what’s to come. Cousin Mike Neese is featured on the next selection, Chris Rea’s “Fool (If You Think It’s Over)”. This one has already been receiving considerable air and club play. The Mike Taylor and Duane Neese penned title track follows with Taylor on lead vocals and ranks right up there with their hit “I’m Man Enough”. The rollicking fun loving “Rabbit Got The Gun” follows, then we hear “Love Is Here and Now You’re Gone”. Bass player and the other Neese, Doug (Duane’s brother and Mike’s cousin) is featured on another Neese/Taylor original, “Do You Really Love Me”. It’s good to hear Doug on this CD as he always delivers vocally on stage as well. The familiar “I Know It’s Hard But It’s Fair” is next with Mike Taylor paying great tribute to this 5 Royales’ classic R&B tune. Duane Neese can handle country tunes with ease and with Ronnie Milsap’s “There’s No Getting Over Me” he blends country and soul into this one. Paul McCartney’s “Only One More Kiss” is a nice smoothie with Mike Neese on lead. Like the saying, “Last but not least” goes, Mike Taylor takes us to the front row of church with the final track, the Gospel Shag hit “Rough Side of The Mountain”. With the talents of The Holiday Band, horns, guitars and keyboards in all the right places, this CD makes for great listening as well as dancing.

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