Review – Willie Tee Anthology

As long as Willie Tee’s music has been a staple of Carolina Beach Music, it’s hard to believe that he only found out how popular his music was in “Beach Music Land” 2005! Thank the Good Lord he was able to be honored for his many contributions to our music in 2005 at The Carolina Beach Music Awards, before he passed away on September 11, 2007 of cancer. The folks at Ripete Records have assembled an outstanding collection of twenty-two tracks of his music. Of course there are the Beach Classics like “Thank You John”, “Walking Up A One Way Street” and “Teasin’ You” and “You Better Say Yes”. In fact as a bonus, live versions of the first three are included. They were recorded at the 2005 CBMA’s with The Part Time Party Time Band backing him up on stage. A few other gems are included in this anthology: “Dedicated To You”, “First Taste of Hurt”, “Teasin’ You Again” and “Always Accused”. On a personal note, as a fan of Willie Tee, I am thankful to have had the opportunity to meet him and spend some time with him and also thankful that his wife, Marilyn, gave her assistance in securing the studio versions of these songs to be included. For the purist in this style of music and Willie Tee fans, all tracks are great.

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