South Dakota does not like Beach Music

Back in January of 2012 I wrote an article about Wyoming not liking Beach Music. It was the only state in the US that did not have listeners listening to Shag City USA. Maybe it has something to do with their Internet, I don’t know. I was shocked to review the tracking this morning. We still have issues with Wyoming, but it seems we are also having a hard time reaching South Dakota. All the other 48 states are listening to Shag City. Where do you live? Let me know where you are located. If you aren’t tuned in right now… Go ahead and click over to streaming 24/7/365!

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On behalf of the Southern Soul Network, Shag City and Zeus Digital Marketing, we greatly appreciate the support of our listeners. Our format really does feature more Beach Music played than anyone else! Thank you so much! If you haven’t connected with the members over at Shag City USA, join the site today. Its Free!

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