Beach Music Memories

I received a lot of feedback on a couple of posts I wrote about titled “Things to do in North Myrtle Beach”. With the Shakers celebrating their 35th Anniversary this year, I started thinking about some of the big things I have done over the years involving beach music. The lifestyle that brings us together has probably added to your list of memorable events as well.

There has been a lot of great beach music memories made at the various festivals, cruises, sos events and clubs. Of course you can check out the photo gallery and pictures from the OD Mafia, Jim Allen, Rickie Lipscomb, and Boom Boom. Seeing pictures always brings up great memories.

What happened at your favorite clubs? What do you remember about your favorite artists? Which events stick out in your mind? Have you recently thought about something that you would like to share? Please use the comment box below, either through facebook or the form at the bottom and add to the building list. Thanks for sharing your beach music memories.

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2 thoughts on “Beach Music Memories”

  1. June, 1963

    I had graduated from Laurinburg High School. My friends and I headed to Ocean Drive for a couple of days. We got hooked up with a house party of young ladies from St. Mary’s and the Isley Brothers were playing at the old Beach Club. The weekend is engraved in my memory.


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