Survey – What do you think about 94.9 The Surf?

I’m getting a lot of feedback when I am out and about at the beach. I had a survey up and got some good feedback from the survey. The Surf 94.9 in North Myrtle Beach continues to make changes at the station and I have been told it will keep getting better and better. Have you had a chance to hear the Skipper in the morning? He started the new morning show on May 16th.

1 thought on “Survey – What do you think about 94.9 The Surf?”

  1. I really like the fact that 94.9 The Surf is back on the air and streaming online. Ted Bell is very good in the mid-day time slot and I like the first few days that I have been able to listen to Skipper in the morning. I do encourage The Surf to do a couple of things: 1) reinstate the remote, live broadcasts, as they were a great way to meet the on-the-air personalities, and it was a great way to keep a pulse on activities in North Myrtle Beach (e.g., SOS); and, 2) implement live broadcasts on the weekend. The recorded music is terrific, but I might as well be listening to some of my beach music CDs. Thanks for letting me voice my opinion. Eddie Link (Charlotte and North Myrtle Beach.


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