Thanks Beach Music Friends

bms-indieI have built a lot of websites and been involved in a lot of projects in the beach music industry. There are people out there that always follow the posts and events I promote. There are those that always buy tickets from me when I am selling them. There are friends that buy the CDs from I have a lot of friends that have started listening to Shag City USA. To all of you I say thank you and thanks for continuing to support beach music. I was really excited to see people jump on the Beach Music Scene Magazine funding yesterday. Thanks to all that have made the donation!

I ask you to continue to support the Artists and Clubs that support our industry by going to a club this week!

This Week in Beach Music

Tonight Wednesday the 16th
King Tyrone plays in Cherry Grove at HOTOs
Customer Appreciation Night at Fat Harold’s Beach Club

Thursday Night the 17th
North Tower plays at TJ’s Night Life in Raleigh

Friday Night the 18th
Beach and Shag Night with DJ Vivian Weaver at Thirsty’s 2 in Greensboro, NC

Sunday afternoon the 20th
The Fantastic Shakers 35th Anniversary Event at Thirsty’s 2 in Greensboro, NC

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