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The Nominations are out – There is a lot of people out there talking about this year’s nominations. Some HAPPY, Some Angry, Some very confused. I am excited for new faces that have worked hard this past year and got the recognition they deserved. I am happy to see Keith Houston and KHP Music get the nominations for engineer, producer, and compilations. Keith does more for this beach music industry than many will ever know.

In year’s past, the nominations were compiled by people in the industry; the band members, the promoters, the club staff, the DJs. You were not allowed to put yourself as a nominee. For example, Band of Oz could not list Band of Oz as group of the year, or instrumentalist, or vocalist or songs/albums, etc. To get on the list they had to rely on other bands, artists and industry members to put them on the nomination ballot. This year to allow more input into the nominations, the ability to join the academy as a nominating member was introduced. This added many more people that could vote including fans of specific groups. Groups that campaigned to their fans to join the academy as a nominating member would see the rewards.

The fans responded. Fans that wanted to see their bands nominated for group joined as nominating members and put their favorite in the top 5. Yes, Jim Quick & Coastline did not make the top 5 list. Several other top drawing bands did not make the list. Their fans need to become more active in the CBMA and vote if they want to see them in the top and be recognized.

I have been asked about Shag City USA and the Crossover with Jim Quick. As I understand it, The Crossover with Jim Quick was not eligible to be selected as Internet Radio show due to the fact that it is syndicated. Its a LIVE 2 hour show that plays first on the Internet and happens once a week, but because its recorded and syndicated it has to be considered a syndicated show. Its my fault for not educating the fans about this and for that I apologize to Jim Quick and Shag City. I don’t know if it would have made the top 5 had I pushed it, but regret that I did not try.

Shag City USA is not eligible for any of the categories in my opinion. Shag City USA is an Internet Radio Station and not an Internet Radio show. There is no category for Internet Radio Station. Maybe in the future we will see that category added to the list with the growing list of Stations on the web that promote Carolina Beach Music.

I am truly honored to once again be nominated for the Michael Branch Award. To be included in that group that contributes their time and efforts to the Beach Music industry is very special. Thanks to all that felt I should be on that list.

I fully support the Carolina Beach Music Awards. The November weekend is something that I look forward to every year. I hope to see you at the CBMA weekend!

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  1. Well said. I do believe there be a little more thought into the process as a lot of people are still scratching thier heads. Charlotte and I have been members of the CBMA for 8-10 years and I am really disappointed this year with the process. Thanks.


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