Top 20 Beach Music Bands – November 1st

For the second week in a row, Jim Quick & Coastline gets the most clicks from followed by the Band of Oz. There were not any changes in the top 6, but activity on the others shook things around a little bit. I got a lot more questions this week than I have in the past about how I do this list. Please remember this is based on click stats! I am not ranking these based on anything but website statistics!

So for week ending November 1st, 2017, here is the top 20 Beach Music Artists clicked on at It is simply based on stats here at my website. Thousands of people visit the site every week. They are looking for events, bands, band schedules etc. I am able to rank the number of times a band is clicked on from This is how this list is ranked. The more clicks, the higher rank.

“Bo The Webguy”

If your favorite artist is not listed on the beach music online band schedule page, please use the contact form at and tell me who is missing. I will add them once I get permission from the artist to link to their schedule. ( Requirement, they must have a website schedule page and it has to be somewhat updated. If they are still showing their next event as Folly Beach Spring Migration 1982, they may not be approved to be added to the list).

Top Beach Music Artists*

1 1 Jim Quick & Coastline
2 2 Band of Oz
3 3 The Embers featuring Craig Woolard
4 4 Blackwater Rhythm & Blues Band
5 5 Fantastic Shakers
6 6 The Entertainers
10 7 Too Much Sylvia
18 8 The Catalinas
8 9 Chairmen of the Board feat. Ken Knox
12 10 Holiday Band
9 11 Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot
7 12 The Tams
13 13 Tim Clark Band
15 14 The Castaways
19 15 Part Time Party Time Band
14 16 Carolina Breakers
16 17 Hip Pocket
11 18 Steve Owens & Summertime
20 19 East Coast Rhythm & Blues
20 Special Occasion Band

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