Top Beach Music Website Chart missing a few

I was recently asked about the Top 40 Beach Music Website Chart put together by Fessa John Hook. He has ranked the top beach music websites using the Alexa Worldwide Global Ranking. Alexa puts a ranking on websites based on how much traffic they estimate the sites to get . Sites like Google and Facebook are ranked 1 and 2. The rankings often change daily. In addition to the global ranking, alexa will usually try to rank a site based on traffic in its country. Not always present, but its interesting to see the US score of the sites that are listed.

So Hook’s Beach Music Website chart is an ongoing chart based on specific days roughly a month apart. His last chart was taken December 3rd. Looking at the rankings today (December 12th), I see several sites that probably should have been in his top 40 list.

Buy Beach Music is the top site dedicated to Beach and Shag Music CDs on the Internet. At a ranking less than 2 million, its sets in top 5 of sites dedicated to Beach Music.

The biggest one Shag City USA, a site that has consistently scored in the top 200,000 on Alexa, makes the number one site for beach music based on Alexa. Other notable sites I see missing that would be on my Top 40 Beach Music Website Chart…,,,,

The just launched but already shows a ranking iin the top 5 million putting it in the Top 20 of Beach Music Related websites.

What do you think?

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