Winners announced!

Just got this from Willie C.

2006 CBMA Hall of Fame Inductees

Danny Woods
Sammy O?Banion
Chris Beachley
Roy Roberts

2006 CBMA Industry Winners

Producer ? Keith Houston ? Locals Only CD ? Various Artists
Engineer ? Keith Houston ? Locals Only CD ? Various Artists
Collaboration or Duo ? Nights Like This ? Young Guns

Song Writer(s) ? Tim Cashion ? Lovin? On Ocean Drive
Michael Branch Award ? Keith Houston
Instrumentalist ? Chris Jennings (Guitar) ? Fantastic Shakers

2006 CBMA Peoples Winners

Female Vocalist ? Molly Askins
Male Vocalist ? Craig Woolard
New Artist ? Castaways
Song of the Year ? I?ve of A Feeling ? Craig Woolard Band
National Dance/Shag Song ? Big Sister?s Radio ? Mike Schermer
Group Album of the Year ? Once In A Lifetime Love ? Rickey Godfrey Band ? Mossland Records
*Solo Album of the Year ? Macon, Memphis & Muscle Shoals ? Paul Craver ? Ripete Records (TIE)
*Solo Album of the Year ? Think Dink ? Dink Perry ? KHP (TIE)
Entertainer of the Year ? Scott Fine
Smoothie of the Year ? Hey There Lonely Girl ? Mark Roberts & CWB
Compilation Album of the Year ? Locals Only ? KHP
Blues Song ? You Got What It Takes ? Rhonda McDaniel
FM Radio DJ ? Ray Scott ? WVCO 94.9FM
AM Radio DJ ? Charlie Brown ? 920AM WPCM
Syndicated Radio Show ? R&B Top 40 Countdown ? John Hook
Blues Album ? Once In A Lifetime Love ? Rickey Godfrey Band
Club of the Year ? Fat Harold?s ? North Myrtle Beach, SC
Show Club of the Year ? Dynamites @ Dock Holidays ? North Myrtle Beach, SC
Event of the Year ? Fun Monday 2005 ? North Myrtle Beach, SC
Group of the Year ? Rickey Godfrey Band
Club/Mobile DJ ? Chad Sain
FM Radio Station ? 94.9 WVCO the Surf ? Loris/Myrtle Beach, SC
AM Radio Station ? 770 WLWL ? Rockingham, NC

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