TBMF Post Valentine's Ticket Blitz

Originally posted February 15th, 2010.. it was for 2010 TBMF.
on February 14th, 2011, emails went out to the TBMF email updates first and most tickets available were sold to the loyal list of those that had signed up to get updates.

Goodness the emails and texts and facebook messages….it was fun to see the response I have had. How quick will the tickets go? I have once again worked it out with the folks at TBMF to offer incredible ticket prices during this romantic holiday season…Did you have a great Valentine’s day?…if not…make the day better with tickets nearly half price to the TBMF….be one of the first to get tickets and save BIG money. I hope to see you there…. If you are slow…keep checking. You may get several chances to take advantage of special deals…the 15th of February is not over till midnight…good luck! Its the word BLITZ you are looking for….

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